The exact science and the art of healing are not hostile to each other ....
The ideal continues to be an harmonious relationship between the two.
— Donzellini

Eumedica Swiss Center

Lugano (Switzerland)
Via Tesserete 51
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The treatment of chronic pain is a difficult task and the choice of an adequate pain center is not less difficult. However, because hospital and large pain centres have the disadvantage to lower quality care, to increase clinical hazards and to involve many specialists, which can lead to different confusing interpretation and decisions, small pain centres are to be preferred. Out -patient centres are the most indicated because they also allow to reduce medical costs and allow patients to undergo diagnostic and therapeutic treatments while continuing to work and to stay in their family and social environment.
In choosing a small and out-patient center, one must also be sure that chronic pain management also include the treatment of the neuro-vegetative disturbances, which often accompany chronic pain. Be also sure that, If nerve blocks are included in the comprehensive management program, they should be performed, in specialized and purposeful equipped centre, by competent authorized physicians (usually skilled anaesthesiologists)

The Eumedica Swiss Center, the first out-patient pain center in Switzerland, specialized and equipped for the safe performance of nerve blocks and other chronic pain treatments, It was founded in 1975 in Lugano, by Dr. G. Maggio, after adequate training at the Pain Clinic of the University of Washington in Seattle (U.S.A.), under the direct guidance of Professor J.J. Bonica and Professor D. D. Moore.
Professor Bonica, still considered the father of modern pain medicine, has visited our Eumedica Swiss Center in Lugano and gave the following appreciation:

“I have visited the facilities of Dr. G. Maggio, who is director of the Eumedica Swiss Center of Antalgic Medicine of Lugano, Switzerland and I was most surprised and extremely pleased by the organization and functionality of the center. The physical facilities and the sophisticated equipment are the best I have seen worldwide and equal to the most modern center in the U.S.A.”

Similar appreciations have been also made by professor Mario Tiengo, director of the Pain Clinic of the University of Milan, and other eminent specialists.
Since its foundation, the Eumedica Swiss Center has further evolved in accordance with the clinical and researches progresses worldwide made in chronic pain management. Today, the Eumedica Swiss Center is a well established out-patient unit specialized and well equipped for a modern comprehensive management of chronic pain and the frequent associated neuro-vegetative disturbances.

The management is, fundamentally, based on the wise combination and application of the most recent, more effective and less invasive scientific methods with those harmless of complementary medicine.

The medical Staff
Dr. med. Giuseppe Maggio
Director Emedica Swiss Center

The main purposes of our multidimensional chronic pain management program consists in:

Treat the patient and not just the pain

Do not harm

Promote repair mechanisms instead of organic deterioration and surgical demolition

Decrease pain intensity and increase health