The answer to your questions

Question How many times do I need to visit your pain clinic during the period of treatment?
Answer One time or two a week, depending on the severity of your chronic pain syndrome.
Question Each time, How long do I need to stay in your clinic?
Answer One hour
Question What type of testing is done?
Answer The Eumedica Pain Center is well equipped for the performance of all routine tests used in chronic pain cases, including blood and urine test, plane x-Ray, TAC , MRI and others mentioned elsewhere in the this website.
However, patients can take all testing documentation with them, if already in possess Other tests can be performed in our centre, or outside, if necessary.
Question What kind of treatment should I undergo and does it hurt?
Answer Chronic Pain is a multifactorial phenomenon and, as such, should be multifactoriallly treated. A combination of therapies will be individually selected according to the kind and severity of the pain syndrome involved. Most treatments do not hurt, others, like nerve blocks and acupuncture may create some kind of tolerable discomfort which, in some patients and circumstances, could be perceived as hurt.
Question Can you have several types of chronic pain at the same time?
Answer Yes, many patients suffering from different chronic pain syndromes can be treated in our pain center and in most cases, the different pain syndromes can also simultaneously be treated.
Question Is the chronic pain treatment experimental?
Answer NEVER !
Question Is this (my) chronic pain treatment covered by insurance?
Answer The Swiss companies cover most of our treatments. Few treatments are not covered by the basic insurance, but only by a complementary one. For more detailed information, please, call the office.
Question What kind of outcome can I expect?
Answer Chronic pains are called "chronic" because they cannot be totally eliminated. However, good successes and even healing can be expected provided a proper combination of treatments has been selected and provided the sufferer is willing and capable to follow with discipline the prescription of the selected treatment's combination.
Question Can you cure RSDN (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome)?
Answer Yes
Question Why are your results so much better than anyone else's?
Answer We never made such a statement ! We only stated that our diagnostic and therapeutic treatments are based upon more that 30-years experience and that the excellent results obtained in chronic pain patients were due to a wise and competent combination of the most modern scientifically approved treatments with other alternatives suggested by the experience of our predecessors.
Question How do I request a private room?
Answer Our center is out-patient pain centre!
For patients coming from far away, we could arrange a special accommodation with hotels located near our pain centre, as well as a vacational tour through the most fascinating places in Switzerland. For more detailed information consult our website.
Question If I have a problem on a week-end or in the night. How do contact you ?
Answer Just dial our telephone number.