“The intelligent use of the neurovegetative system
will one day constitute the most important part of the art of medicine”
— Von Hering

The therapy of chronic pain represents one of the most difficult tasks in medicine.  The term “chronic”, in fact, implies that the pain cannot be completely eliminated or healed. In other words, with chronic pain we are dealing with a medical problem, which cannot be fully eradicated, probably because it has the essential function to warn man about a danger, never mind if of physical, emotional or spiritual nature. Seen under this aspect, nature could have provided man with an indispensable, apparently non specific, signalling apparatus, which we call chronic pain, having the purpose to urge him to take the necessary steps against physical, emotional and spiritual deterioration.
Therefore, in contrast to our actual medical and social view, which want to kill pain at any cost, the complete elimination of pain by means of the well known “pain killer” drugs, paradoxically, may turn people into feeling spectator of their own physical, emotional and spiritual decay. In so doing, “Pain killer” drugs may even be turned into “Man killer drugs”, as recently shown with the prescription of certain anti-inflammatory drugs.
Perhaps, there are good reasons if Mother Nature has decided that such an essential warning system, called chronic pain, should not be totally eliminated or “killed”!
Chronic pain cannot and should not be “totally” eliminated! A certain amount of pain is necessary for survival and health!

The treatment of pain should by no means be the only and main purpose of chronic pain management. Other important tasks should be taken into consideration, such the restoration of microcirculatory blood supply and the performance capacity for homeostasis and control of our inborn ability to modulate pain and repair of tissue damage

Our mottos are

The goals of our multi-factorial chronic pain management program includes:

  • Re-evaluation of the patient’s chronic pain.
  • Negotiation for an adequate and individual therapeutic program.
  • Interruption of the vicious circle of pain, reduction of pain intensity to the limit of individual tolerability and re-activation of our inborn endogenous pain mechanisms.
  • Detoxification and discontinuation of pain medications 
  • Decrease systemic and local sympathetic activity.
  • Treatment of associated neuro-vegetative disturbances.
  • Increase of cellular vitality, protection and promotion of tissue damage repair  trough amelioration of microcirculatory blood flow and oxygenation and local supply of proper nutrients and cellular membrane stabilizer agents.
  • Re-synchronization of individual biological rhythm and protection from adverse climate.
  • Emotional and cognitive-behavioural re-education.
  • Correction of wrong dietary and other lifestyle habits and return to work and habitual activities.

The following treatments are available and used according to the individual pains syndrome and patient’s personality:

  • Sympathetic and sensory therapeutic nerve blocks (if indicated, under fluoroscopic guidance).
  • Acupuncture/Laser/magneto-therapy.
  • Individual nutritional, physical and cognitive-behavioural re-education.
  • Trans-retinal and trans-dermal phototherapy (bright-light or/and colour therapy).
  • Trans-cutaneous electric stimulation (TENS).
  • Oxygen/Ozone-therapy, regional or/and systemic (Auto-transfusion).
  • Physiotherapy

Important information for the reader:

Dear reader

Take notice, please, that what figures on this website is the result of our own PERSONAL experience and of our PERSONAL observations during over 3O years of clinical practice in the treatment of chronic pain management. By no means we intend to affirm that our philosophy and treatments are better than any other employed today in the practice of pain medicine. Our approach is just different and more optimistic as those offered by the actual scientific guidelines, even if modern medical science,  has officially admitted to have no satisfactory explanation and cures for chronic pain. You and only you, at your own will and responsibility, must decide the kind of medical approach you want to undergo, especially in consideration of the well known inborn  plasticity of our nervous system and the individual response to every kind of treatment.