“The exact science and the art of healing are not hostile to each other......
The ideal continues to be an harmonious relationship between the two ”
— Donzellini

The Eumedica Swiss Center is an out-patient center founded in 1975 with the aim to offer safer and effective cures. The main characteristic of the center, in fact, consists in the application of the most advanced, more effective and harmless therapies offered by complementary biologic medicine, without excluding their association with those of the modern scientific medicine.
The treatment of MS is a difficult task, and the choice of an adequate treatment's place is not less difficult. The Eumedica Swiss Centre is a small out-patient unit well equipped for the treatment of MS patients while they continue to work and stay in their usual family and social environments. It a free-standing centre operating in the same floor with only one responsible medical director and few competent specialists. In contrast to small centres, large hospitals and medical centres are known to lower quality care, to increase clinical hazards and to involve many specialists, leading to different confusing interpretations and decisions. In addition, they may complicate and render treatments more difficult because of the adverse psychological impact during the inevitable encounter with other patients affected by a more advanced and disabling MS.

Our treatments targets are:
- Treat the patient and not just the MS disease
- Arrest the progression of the disease
- Promotion of myelin regeneration
- Promotion of a superior health status in order to prevent relapses.

The medical Staff
Dr. med. Giuseppe Maggio
Director Emedica Swiss Center

Lugano (Switzerland)
Tel. +41 (0)91.966 38 26
Fax +41 (0)91.966 38 27

Via Panoramica, 26
Milazzo (Messina), Italy.
Tel +39 090 928 43 87
Fax +39 090 928 43 87


The Eumedica Swiss Centre operates in Lugano, Switzerland, and in The Sicilian gulf of Milazzo, Italy.