“In the middle of our life, I found myself in the darkness of a forest,
in which I lost the right way”
Dante Alighieri


Man does not always possess the ability for the performance of self-defence and self-repair mechanisms. For such complex biologic mechanisms superior performance qualities may be necessary. The Creator has provided man with an inborn ability to mobilize additional and superior performance capacities through the development higher "consciousness" qualities. This concept has been scientifically studied and stressed by Roger Sperry, professor of psychopathology at the California Institute of Technology, in his book "Science and moral priority", as well as by other famous scientists. These studies have been recently reconfirmed by the Nobel priced professor of neurophysiology John C. Eccles, who resumed his scientific research studies in a book, "How the Self controls the brain". For Eccles, the Self is the philosophical word used instead of the religious word Soul and may represent the focal point of our psyche in which God's image shows itself. The Self could be an emanation of the "Kingdom of God within us"! The studies of Eccles conclude that the Self, through the intervention of our free will, at attention, can induce mind-brain interactions and functions capable to influence the quality of our-Self or "Consciousness" from which depend our performance capacities, in relation to the quality of our individual morality, thoughts, judgements and goals.
Consciousness, volition, and attention are mental events, which correspond to the regulation of overall activities of cerebral cortical neurones. The Self were able to activate, by attention, any selected part of the neo-cortex at will and attention.

The development of a superior conscious Self, from which also depends the quality of the performance capacity to regulate and coordinate our physiologic activities, depends from the number of photons or "quantum of light" emitted by the simultaneous firing of neurons. Each photon, or quantum of light, can, for instance, close hundreds of phospholipids ionic channels on the surface of cell membrane, influencing the quality of neuronal electro-chemical communication and thus the quality of brain coordination and homeostasis at every level in the organism. Neurons, however, can fire or cannot fire, can be simultaneous activated or not, according to the quality of our moral will, our thoughts ad our attention. In order to achieve superior interpretative and executive qualities, as those required for the diagnosis and the therapy of MS, we both, physicians and patients, should follow the stable and ethical "God-like guidelines", as suggested by the recent scientific neurophysiologic studies o Sperry and Eccles, rather than the continuously changing and confusing "Evidence-based guidelines", as suggested by the current medical science.
Of course, following scientific guidelines is much easier for both, the physician and the patient, because it does not require any particular effort from both sides, just prescribe or take, for instance, a pill and continue to do whatever you like. In contrast, the following of "God-like guidelines" requires strong and disciplined moral willpower. This concept may sound strange in the super- materialistic and super-scientific epoch in which we live. However, it may be worthy here to quote a statement of the Canadian physician Kirkaldy-Willis, professor at the University of Saskatchewan:

“The wise physician knows that in practice it is not always possible to be scientific as one wishes.... We come to a point in our story of the patient at which we are compelled to go beyond the realm of science into that of metaphysics.....”

at the end, professor Kirkaldy-Willis, despite his scientific background, to his patients made the following recommendation:

“You, your-Self have to make a big effort”

The above expressed scientific concepts seem also to be in perfect harmony with what was already expressed two thousand years ago by Jesus, the greatest teacher and healer ever existed, who at the end concluded "your sins have been remitted", and recommended the suffers "to sin no more". Both statements of Jesus imply that sufferance and diseases are connected with sins or wrong behaviours and that permanent "remission" is possible only through sinning no more, which implies the " Will " to change personality and habits, as well as the "Attention" for continuous self-control and self-discipline. For Jesus permanent remission or healing implies permanent contact with the "Kingdom of God within us", an ethical concept, which has been scientifically stressed today and artistically marvellously expressed by Michelangelo in his world famous painting " The Creation ". As seen in the painting, Michelangelo intuitively represented the "Kingdom of God" as located in the region of the Thalamus, the most blood supplied and illuminated part of brain, from where God maintains perpetual contact and communication with man. Through the intermediation of specific chemical "messengers" and the "autonomic nervous system" ( so-called because its function does not depend from man's will ), God gives the order for superior or inferior performance capacities , according to moral quality of the individual will and discipline to follow His rules or "Commandments ". This may be the origin of scientific neuro-plasticity and neuro-protection: Neurons can fire and cannot fire, can emit or can not emit photons or quantum of light, can or can not provide man with that kind of " illumination " or consciousness qualities, which makes him capable or incapable to generate sufficient photonic energy for coherent brain coordination, regeneration of myelin, and to recover from a self-inflicted disease. Seen under this light

Permanent remission of symptoms and tissue damage of MS is possible provided you have the will and the discipline to follow the "LIGHT", the "WAY", the "TRUTH", mentioned two thousand years ago by Jesus and, only recently, scientifically reconfirmed.

Both, the patients and the physicians, must have the will and the discipline to act according to Science and Conscience in order to find the right way to bring more "LIGHT " into darkness of the sclerotic plaques and of the so-called autonomic nervous system.
The physician, while trying to guide and to correct the mental attitude of the patient, has the duty to provide him with the best possible material and equipment, which is necessary for proper functioning and coordination of all the defensive and repair mechanisms.
The patient must have the will and the discipline to follow the prescription of his conscious doctor. It seems evident that.