The Diagnostic approach at the Eumedica Swiss Center

"The Gods have put diagnosis before therapy.....
But diagnosis remains an empty word if it does not take us any further in therapeutic terms".
— Volhard

Although not specific, the diagnostic approach for MS at the Eumedica Swiss Centre is in part similar to that recommended by the current scientific medicine and in part typical of our center. The main goals of our diagnostic approach are:

1. The evaluation of blood circulation, blood perfusion and oxygenation at various levels of the nervous system.
2. The evaluation of the energetic status in different body districts.
3. The evaluation and monitoring of the structural changes, such as the well know plaques.

For this purposes the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging, the Positron Emission Tomography, the colour Doppler Sonography and the Whole Body Skin Conductance Test are employed.

Other routine tests include the traditional liquor and blood-urine investigation.

Particular attention is given to the detailed clinic history and the neurologic physical examination of the patients.

Madical history taking

Phisical examination

Instrumental diagnostics