"The merely looking at the external is a matter for clown.
But the institution of the internal is a secret which belong to the physicians".
— Paracelsus

The terms “science and conscience” refer to the “Oat of Hyppocrates”, which is still worldwide practiced by almost all officially and legally recognized Medical Associations.

For Hyppocrates, the father of Medicine, the first aim of the physician was

“Do not harm”

Regarding the cures, Hyppocrates added:

“The physician has but a single task: to cure;
And, if he succeeds, it matters not a whit by what means he has succeeded!”

Once again, I want to stress that

Medical Science has admitted and have largely proven to be incapable to explain the mechanism of MS, as well as to provide patients and physicians with satisfactory and safe treatment, probably because

The actual scientific guidelines reflect the financial and political interests of few lobbies, rather than the moral concept of the "Oat of Hippocrates" and the needs of the multitudes of sufferers.

Despite the scientific medical development, the "Oat of Hippocrates" is still valid and practiced in many developed countries, but since the time of Hippocrates has changed so much that it would be wise to conclude that the chance to cure MS lies in the middle way. Accordingly,
the treatment of MS at the Eumedica Swiss Centre has the following characteristics:

It is modelled according to Science and Conscience,
It is multi-factorial and individually tailored
It is satisfactorily effective and harmless

Our treatments include:

1. Detoxification.

2. Auto-transfusions of blood and oxygen/ozone mixtures.

3. Infusions of biologic photo-sensitizing drugs and of membrane stabilizing agents.

4. Regional sympathetic blocks

5. Full-spectrum or bright light phototherapy.

6. Acupuncture.

7. Cognitive and behavioural therapy.

The goals of the treatments are:

1. Restoration of energy availability through reduced consume and through increased supply

2. Detoxification, through cleansing the whole body and through melioration of regional venous and lymphatic drainage.

3. Increase of serum oxygen availability and immune-modulation through the autotransfusional administration of own blood enriched with individual concentrations of a mixture of oxygen and ozone.

4. Amelioration of the microcirculatory blood flow in the area involved by the MS.

5. Restoration of abnormal systemic and regional sympathetic and homeostatic activities.

6. Re-synchronization of the patient's biologic rhythms.

7. Physical, emotional and behavioural rehabilitation.

8. Restoration of coexisting emotional and neuro-vegetative disturbances.

9. Establishment of a doctor/patient relationship adequate to the personality and the need of the patient.




Dear readears take notice, please, that what figures in this website is the result of our "personal" studies, of our "personal" experience and our "personal" observations. By no means, we intend to affirm that our approach is superior of any other employed today for the cure of MS. Our approach is just different and more optimistic than that offered by the actual medical science, which has officially admitted to have no satisfactory explanation, nor efficient cures for MS. You and only you must decide the kind of treatment you prefer to undergo. You must make a decision at your own will and responsibility, especially in consideration of the neuro-plastic property of the nervous system, and of the individual different reactivity to every kind of treatment.