"Il miglio medico č la Natura, che guarisce tre quarti di tutte le malattie e non parla mai male dei colleghi".
— Galeno



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Quando Rachele disse a Giacobbe “Dammi un figlio altrimenti io muoio!”, Giacobbe rispose “Sono forse io pari a Dio, che ti ha negato la fecondità?” (Genesi 30)”. Nella Genesi figura anche “Iddio si ricordò anche di Rachele, la esaudì e la rese feconda. Ella concepì ed ebbe un figlio e disse Iddio mi ha tolto il disonore”.


Consciousness is perhaps the most basic concept in modern psychology and include the awareness of body signals. The greater the consciousness, the greater the ability to sense signals. Conscious decision making and performance, including the ability for reproduction, depends from the power and quality of our will. We think and perceive according to our will. Better performance qualities can be achieved by the constant and disciplined will to think and to act according tp "God-like" guidelines.

The rigor of scientific approach

The rigor of scientific approach does not even allow to suppose that the firing order for reproduction may come from a higher command and that that ghost-like influences are the guardians of our moral actions.

The need for additional energy

For conception and pregnancy to take place, superior quantity and quality of energy is necessary. Additional energy can be produced by our will power, but coherent performance, including the ability for procreation, depends on the quality of the will at attention.