The association of natural procreative methods (N.P.M.A.) with the techniques of artificial procreation (P.M.A.).

"A little less science, gentlemen, and a little more art!"
— Trousseau

Despite the technological progress of science, the in vitro fertilization (IVF) has not proven very effective especially in case of:

  1. Advanced age, especially after 35.
  2. Poor sperms quality.
  3. Various diseases of the reproductive organs.
  4. Poor technological quality of laboratory.
  5. Failure to implant the embryo in the uterus.

Regardless of these limitations, the interventions of IVF, for reasons still unexplained, can fail even in apparently healthy young couples.
IIn all these cases, we must not lose heart, and even losing precious months or years with conventional attempts, which have proven to useless. In some cases the combination of the two therapeutic strategies, natural and artificial, might prove extremely useful because it not only increases the chances of success, but also protects from the inconveniences of the medically assisted artificial procreation. In fact, the main objective of our natural therapeutic strategy is to establish and maintain a state of health and energy superior than the previous one, in order to correct the shortcomings of the past and increase the likelihood of success of the present and future, regardless of the chosen type of procreation, natural or artificial.

We procreate best if healthy and full of energy! Especially above 35 years a anti-aging revitalizing cure is what we want!

In order to procreate, no matter whether by natural means or artificial ones., sperms and eggs must always be healthy and vital,


It is not enough to procreate! We should also maintain and improve the health of the mother and procreate healthy children.

A adequate diet in order to help rejuvenate the ovaries

To achieve this, the ideal diet should have at least the following requirements:

  1. Must be full of energy. Not just full of calories!
  2. Should be largely represented by seasonal vegetable products, to keep synchronized with Nature its functions, including the reproductive ones.
  3. It should allow a good absorption of useful alimentary substances and the elimination of the waste substances.
  4. Must be low in protein, especially of animal origin, including cheese.
  5. Should not cause acidity.
  6. Must not contain preservatives.
  7. Should include the drinking of plenty of water, but only between meals. Chew well. No refined foods, no alcohol, do not consume meals when angry.

When the infertility is male

Male infertility, too, is in continuous and significant increase. Most of the time it is caused by the decrease in the number and quality of the sperm. Thus, a revitalizing cure of rejuvenation is also good for them. The revitalizing treatments used for women also apply to men.

Why does oxygen-Ozone therapy help in functional infertility?
  1. Increased perfusion of blood and oxygen through increased hemoglobin dissociation and subsequent increased plasmatic availability of free oxygen.
  2. Increased blood flow and elasticity of the membranes of red blood cells that can thus better adapt to the caliber of the capillaries of the microcirculation, often reduced in case of infertility.
  3. Activation of the immune system, mainly through an increase in cytokines, interferons and interleukins.