"Scientific problems have come to be associated with political purposes, and some scientists have resorted to political methods to assert their views".
— Heisenberg

Via Tesserete, 51
6900 Lugano (Switzerland)
Tel. (0041) 091.966 38 26
Fax (0041) 091.966 38 27

The headquarter of the Eumedica Swiss Center is in Lugano, Switzerland, where, if necessary and under medical supervision, the treatments can be completed with a stay in a region and season climatically favorable.

Via Tesserete, 51
CH-6900 Lugano
Tel +41 91 966 38 26
Fax +41 91 966 38 27
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The Center is located a few minutes from Lugano downtown and from the railway Station, from Lugano Agno airport and from the highway, and one hour from Milan Malpensa and Milan-Linate airport.

“...We come to a point in our study of the patient at which perforce we are compelled to go beyond the realms of science into that of metaphysics... The implication is that the physician moves on from the process of reasoning to one no less real but beyond and above that of reasoning with the mind.”

The laws applicable

Einstein said that God, when he created the world, did not play dice, meaning that the "creation" could not be a work of chance and that chance is only one set of laws that we have not yet been able to understand and find out.

Emotions, Stress and Infertility

Emotional states, and stress in particular, can interact with our bodies and, through the intermediary of the ANS, affect the various body functions, including hormonal, immunological and reproductive (many causes of infertility are autoimmune).