The multidimensional alternative diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for infertility at the Eumedica Swiss Center

"Diagnosis remains an empty word if it does not take us any further in therapeutic terms".
— Volhard


Our diagnostic tests are similar to those provided by current medical science. However, much more emphasis is given to the test of the global and local energy status and its free flow in the body. This kind of diagnostic procedure is neglected by modern medical science.

Other investigations are focused on the diagnostic evaluation or re-evaluation of the state of health and of infertility. For this purpose, the long and accurate medical history of the couple, the physical examination, and the classical laboratory tests are the lion's share.

Madical history taking Physical examination Instrumental diagnostics


It mostly consists in giving the couple a state of health superior to the previous one, which was, in fact, insufficient and inadequate to procreate, despite numerous attempts, including those offered by the medically assisted artificial reproduction.

Our multidimensional alternative therapeutic approach include:

  • Re-charge and re-balancing of the individual energy potential
  • Therapies at various levels of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)
  • Regular sessions of cognitive-behavioral therapy

Color therapy
Sometime a miracle is necessary

It would need a miracle is an expression that is used in medicine when for a health problem no solution can be found. In some instances, it seems that the a "Superior spiritual intervention" is needed.
We know from science that the control and regulation of pregnancy takes place via the autonomic nervous system A.N.S.), but Science does not take into consideration that our inner Spirit makes use of the A.N.S. to act at the physical level.

The reflextherapy

It is scientifically recognized that the organs of the human body reflect their function particularly in the skin. Problems with the liver and gallbladder can respectively be felt in the right eye and in the right shoulder; while pelvic and abdominal problems reflect their state of health at the level of the skin and the muscles of the spine. For the traditional Chinese medicine and other medicines, even all parts of the human body are reflected in the pavilion of the ear, and in the hands and the feet. Recent research, conducted at the Boston University, reflexed zones also exist in the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity; especially the reproductive organs are in close reflected communication with the olfactory nerve endings in the nasal cavity. Reflex therapy, like acupuncture, if used as single therapy, is of little value; it may be helpful only as part of a multi-factorial therapeutic program, as practiced at the Eumedica Swiss Center of Lugano.

Does acupuncture help in infertility?

Acupuncture is part of our multidimensional therapeutic program.
According to our experience, acupuncture alone for the treatment of functional infertility is of little help, because while , for instance, it can correct a functional disequilibrium between the Yang and the Yin energetic forces along the so-called meridians, it cannot provide for the additional energy nor for the other superior health requirements of pregnancy.
In contrast, according to several scientific randomized studies, acupuncture has proved to be of great help in patients with luteal phase defects, if employed in association with the artificial technique of in vitro fertilization (IVF).