The Eumedica Swiss Center

"The exact science and the art of healing are not hostile to each other .... The ideal continues to be an harmonious relationship between the two".
— Donzellini

The Eumedica Swiss Center in Lugano was founded in 1975 by Giuseppe Maggio, MD, following a long and appropriate training in Switzerland and abroad, with the aim of giving to the Complementary Medicine the honourable place that today occupies scientifically.

The Swiss Eumedica Center is born deliberately as a small outpatient clinic with all the necessary facilities to be able to work as a large center. The decision to give to the Eumedica Swiss Center the character of a small clinic was born from the need to ensure greater safety and efficiency. In fact, the large centers, especially those with a lot of medical and paramedical staff, are much more prone to errors and differences in interpretations and therapies, and are also more expensive to manage.
Prof. J.J. Bonica, of the Medical School at the University of Washington in Seattle, after visiting the Eumedica Swiss Center, expressed himself in the following manner:

"I was most surprised and extremely pleased by the organization and functionality of the center. The physical facilities and the sophisticated equipment are the best I have seen worldwide and equal to the most modern centers in the U.S.A.".

This evaluation was made in the eighties. Since then the Eumedica Swiss Center has further grown and adapted to the progress achieved in recent years by the Complementary Medicine. Today the Eumedica Swiss Center is a modern well-equipped and organized, with one managing director and a small medical and paramedical staff of qualified professionals.

The interest of the Eumedica Swiss Center towards Medically Assisted Natural Reproduction was born in the last few years as a result of the gradual increase in the infertility of the couple and as an alternative to the artificial one.

The fundamental characteristics of the Centre is that, in paticular difficult cases, it allows to combine our natural methods of reproduction with those of artificial reproduction.

We procreate better if healthy and full of energy

Given the numerous requests, the Eumedica Swiss Center has recently opened a branch in Italy, at Milazzo/ME in Via Panoramica 28, Phone 090 928 4387. At the moment the center in Milazzo performs functions exclusively for the diagnostic evaluation of infertility of the couple.



Via Tesserete, 51
6900 Lugano (Svizzera)
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Brain and reproduction

The reproductive system is mainly represented by the so-called "Hypothalamic-pituitary-gonads (ovaries, testicles, etc..) axis". However, under the control of our "Self" the physical orders for procreation come from the brain and, more specifically, from the hypothalamus and Thalamus.
It has been estimated that the human brain is like a forest of about one hundred billion cells or neurons, and approximately one million nerve connections (scientifically known as "Synapses") capable of forming a communication network of a hundred million kilometres. In this jungle of nerve cells circulate thousands of information in the form of electromagnetic and electrochemical impulses that travel continuously at high speed with the aim of ensuring an adequate functioning of all the numerous and complex communications necessary for the control and coordination various body functions, including those involved in the mechanisms of procreation. The energy required is supplied and transported from the blood in the form of light, oxygen, glucose and other substances. Larger quantities of energy and blood are needed to meet the metabolic requirements of the various stages of procreation. It is, in fact, for this reason that the brain, the thalamus and in particular, is the most vascularised organ of the human body.
Faced with the anatomical and functional complexity of the brain and other organs involved in reproduction, it would be crazy to want to impose to Nature new unforeseen procedures, such as those invented by humans. Obviously, it is wiser first to encourage and to improve the natural capacities to procreate naturally, rather than to recur directly to the techniques of artificial reproduction.

In the family each must keep its own inborn role

It is easier to get pregnant if each partners will keep his own inborn feminine and masculine qualities.
The family is like a mini organizational system in which a decisional head is needed for more successful results of each member. According to the Bible, men have been programmed to assume such a decisional role and to provide for financial security and objective and wise guide. Women, in the other hand, have been programmed for a not less, and even more important role, namely to reproduce, to keep the best physical and spiritual qualities in the children and husband and to safeguard the peace in the whole family. The Bible says to women "be submissive to your husbands" (Peter 3:1,2,) "The wife should have deep respect for her husband (Ephesians 5: 33), " Married women should love their husbands, love the children, be caste-minded, good, obedient to their husbands (Titus 2: 4.5) "The wife should not separate from her husband... The husband should not leave his wife" (Corinthians 7: 10-11).
Obviously, being under the authority of their husbands does not mean depriving a wife from the love and respect expected, instead, God recommends men to love their wife. Unfortunately, today couples tend to follow more the social rules rather than biblical suggestions or the God-like guidelines recommended even by the recent scientific studies. It is a real act of rebellion against our inborn natural matriarchal and patriarchal qualities, a rebellion against God and Nature. As a matter of fact, the modern world is chaotic because characterized by many materials achievements and many spiritual losses. Seen under this aspect, the term "Feminism" , used in our present society, is not adequate. We should rather speak of "masculinisation of women" (paternal mother) and "feminization of men" (maternal father). Yes, considering that our society is guided and dominated by unnecessary and illusory needs, today we live in a real "social chaos"!

Blood circulation and pregnancy

Pregnancy, in all its phases, requires a greater supply of energy and blood. Nature has equipped woman with the blood supply and energy which can also fit for the additional requirements of pregnancy at any appropriate time. Unfortunately, due to stress, emotional states and specific environmental pollution, not all women today possess sufficient reserves of blood and energy. Before applying any therapy, therefore it becomes essential an evaluation of circulatory status and energy and their flow in the reproductive organs, as well as to provide for adequate restoration and regulation of supply and flow of neural energy and blood circulation.

Giuseppe Maggio, MD
Director of the Medical Center
Ester Di Giandomenico, MD
Angelo D. Maggio, MD