Final considerations, ethical and spiritual

"You'll see that the evils which devour men are the fruit of their choice, and that these unhappy ones seek far away that benefit of which they have the source".
— Pitagoras

Consciousness, Neuroplasticity and Procreation:

Consciousness and neural plasticity are two, scientifically recognized, new inseparable physico-spiritual concepts which include the awareness and ability to read and interpret the neuro-hormonal messages coming from various parts of the body, including those involved in procreation. Not only that, but consciousness and neural plasticity also allow you to activate, stimulate and adapt the synapses and other brain circuits to the various situations of life, including pregnancy.

Pregnancy is, without doubt, an unconscious physiological phenomenon unknown to the mother. Once the "coital mission" is accomplished, the conscious human task is finished. For the rest, a higher invisible intelligence within us "decides" to take care of procreation or not.

The Bible says: “Just as you do not know what the path of the spirit is through the bones and into the belly of the pregnant woman, in a similar way you do not know the work of God who makes all things” (Ecclesiastes 11: 15), and “Because you have formed my inner, knit me together in my mother's womb .... I thank you for being so wonderfully formed” (Psalm 128).

It is believed that the Bible is true, otherwise the billions of believers throughout the world would also be false. Therefore procreation may be primarily the work of a "Higher Spiritual Intelligence" or, as it is written in the Bible, the "Kingdom of God within us", the "Spirit over the waters,", including the waters present in the blood, in the seminal fluid, in follicular and amniotic liquid.

Our children would be, indeed, a true work of art created by the interaction between a higher intelligent energy (the Light) and the physical energy of matter (our body), between the Above and Below, between the Yang and Yin. The Spirit within us is always a work at all levels of the reproductive system, with the cooperation of the autonomic nervous system, which regulate the whole process of procreation, the non-hormonal and hormonal.

But The Bible also says: "I am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; .... And showing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments..... And ye shall serve the LORD your God, ..... and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee .... There shall nothing cast their young, nor be barren, in thy land: the number of thy days I will fulfil.” (Exodus 23, 25, 26).


It could be that a "Higher Intelligence" will "decide" whether or not to have a child!

Do you really want a child?

One glimmer of "light" could be the solution:

Serve the Lord and keep His commandments!

Follow especially the "Guidelines" similar to those recommended by God and, recently, also by neuro-scientific investigations, and not only the trivial human scientific "guidelines", as "imposed" by the medical science in cooperation with the economic-political-health system.

Biology alone is not enough to make a woman a mother and a man a father!

The desire to have a child also implies the consciousness and awareness of the commitment to the present and future responsibilities towards their children, their family and society.

Following the Light of God as a guide, you could reach that "higher state" of consciousness, the neuro-plastic adaptation and performance capabilities that, may allow you to have a child.

As previously mentioned, in some instances, for the unconscious experience of pregnancy to take place, consciousness must enter into the arena.

Nature has established that males and females should provide for the continuity of the species, and for this purpose gave them the necessary matriarchal and patriarchal quality. Our age is far from expressing these divine qualities. Therefore, the continuous and progressive increase of infertility in the couple might express the unconscious sense of guilt for the inability or of lack of will to perform "conscientiously" its role.

Jesus said "I am the Light, the Way, the Truth," and urged his patients to "sin no more", meaning for "sin" the rebellion and disregard to His commandments, which implies a positive change of personality and lifestyle. This concept was also clearly expressed by the modern psychology of Carl Gustav Yung, the famous Swiss psychologist, who reconfirmed that "no patient can be cured without having first undergone a profound religious transformation," and more recently by Professor Gabbard of Baylor University stating that "we are moved by forces we cannot see."."

The same ethical and religious ideas were wonderfully expressed by Michelangelo in his famous painting "The Procreation," in which it figures clearly that procreation takes place in the brain and more specifically in the thalamus (from Thalamòs a Greek word that means "Bridal Chamber") , where God makes the wonderful work of generating so many children. As a figure in Michelangelo's painting, in order to procreate, the man should never lose contact with His Father who is in the Upper Thalamic brain.

This ethical - religious aspect of our life and our natural Conscious Procreation has been scientifically confirmed by recent research investigations, according to which the following of the morality of "god-like guidelines" gives us a higher state of consciousness allowing to acquire superior performance capabilities, including those to procreate even under scientifically impossible circumstances.

The non-believers and sceptics may argue that the ability to have a child or not is only a matter of luck. But they are not yet able to perceive that to have a bit of luck it might mean to be "protected and guided" by the Light of God

To the believers I would recommend:

If you really want a child, behave in order to have luck on your side and to be protected and guided by Light of God, because, as scientifically proved, the light of the actual medical science, is not enough to see the WAY that leads to procreation!

To the sceptics sceptics I would like to remind the conclusions at which Professor William H. Kirkaldy Willis, of the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, came at the end of his medical career and practice:

The wise physician knows that is not always possible in practice to be scientific as one would like to ...... Even using the more accurate and more scientific methods, we do not get the results we expected, we remain uncertain and sometimes even we make mistakes ........ In the evaluation and study of the patient, we reach a point where we are forced to leave the science to get into that of metaphysics .... that is, to enter into an argument, no less real, but that goes beyond our current mental understanding”.

To my medical colleagues I would rather say:

Do you really want to make a little light in the “dark forest of infertility” and help your patients to have a child?

You, too, have to follow the LIGHT of the "God-like guidelines", which have recently been confirmed by the medical neuroscience, and do not just follow the so-called "scientific guidelines," disclosed and "recommended" by the economic-industrial power, with the approval of the political-health system. In this regard, I also remember that Jesus came as the Light, the Way and the Truth, and that, as such, He left the message that to be able to cure one must first be able to resist the temptations of the greed for food, money and power, recommendations that today are very often ignored. Who have ears, hears!

"I have much more to say, but it's not within your reach for now, but when he will come, the spirit of truth, he will guide you into all the truth".
— John XVI: 14-15

Conception, pregnancy and childbirth

As we know, the human intervention in Procreation is limited to the sexual act, and the ejaculation of the male sperm in the woman's vagina, afterward it no more our business, afterward Coitus becomes a honeymoon, a spiritual marriage journey for reproduction. The term Coitus derives, in fact, from the Latin words Cum –iter, meaning together travelling. Once the "coital mission" is accomplished, man's job is finished; conception, pregnancy and childbirth follow unconsciously, but we still unable to understand scientifically this mysterious phenomenon.
Is it possible that a higher intelligence could takes care of the human procreation?
Yes. according to the Bible and to other religious Scriptures. An intelligent extraterrestrial intervention, like the old Greek intervention by the "Deus ex machina" cannot even be excluded. This has been also confirmed by many past and recent scientists. Sir William Crooke, for example toward the end of his life wrote "outside our scientific knowledge there exist a Force exercised by intelligence differing from ordinary intelligence common to mortals"

Smell has an erotic and fertilizing value

The sense of smell is a great mystery!

Although underestimated, recent scientific studies have shown that there is some relationship between olfaction and reproduction, and between stress and sense of smell. Neural connections exist between the nerve endings of the nasal cavity and the hypothalamus.
It is well known, in fact, that the bad breath of the male or female or both constitutes an important motivation for marriage annulment from the church (Sacra Rota), probably because it increased the risk of couple's infertility. Also, often, anosmia is present in girls who have a delay of puberty. The scents, if perceived as pleasant, improve reaction to stress and have an erotic and fertilizing effect. On this principle is based aromatherapy.
Finally, in life, and especially in choosing a mate, one must have "nose", and could create incompatibility of the couple and even disgust and immunopathies, known to cause infertility.
The smell therapy, through the use of specific natural aromatic oils, is an integral part of the multifactorial therapies at the Eumedica Swiss Center.

Neuroplastic brain power

The desire to procreate a child also implies the understanding of the importance of their own responsibilities, their own thoughts and actions