"In some instances pregnancy is an unconscious experience that needs to become conscious".
— G. Maggio

Dear readers

As you know, the most obvious biological characteristic of human beings has always been to reproduce according to certain still mysterious laws.. While in most cases it is easy to procreate according to these natural laws, in other cases it is not. The causes of the difficulties to procreate by natural means can originate both in the female and in the male, and may be caused by disease and/or injury of anatomical structures of the reproductive system of both. But in many cases, the inability to procreate is functional, without any apparent cause, and it is this type of infertility that this site is mainly about. The number couples apparently infertile has gradually increased, especially after the 1960, probably because of the gradual increase in women's emancipation, in environmental pollution and in economic development. The decreased ability for natural reproduction and the increased demand for children created the developed of the modern medical assisted artificial reproduction.

The purpose of this site is not to go into details of the numerous and complex mechanisms involved in the natural process of human reproduction, nor in those of artificial reproduction, both are now known to everyone and still readable even in the literature offered by the Internet. The purpose of this site is to provide you with those information, which, although known and fundamental, in my opinion, have been neglected by modern scientific literature.Giuseppe Maggio

But let me first introduce myself. I'm not a gynaecologist, but a senior Swiss anaesthesiologist, who since 1963 still works in the team work of many of the reproductive medicine clinics in Switzerland and abroad. In all these years I had the great opportunity to meet and listen to stories of so many couples desperate and frustrated because of the difficulty of generating a child, despite repeated attempts with the most modern techniques of medically assisted reproductive medicine. Unwittingly, I was so emotionally and professionally involved that I decided to delve into the topic of infertility of the couple, both in a scientific and alternative way, in an attempt to offer a more effective method of treatment and above all a less stressful and less risky way. After having acquired the necessary knowledge, I decided to introduce into my practice of natural medicine (which now I am practicing since 1975), also an activity of alternative reproductive medicine at the Eumedica Swiss Center of Lugano. Even if the cases are still insufficient to draw a final conclusions, the initial results were so encouraging to stimulate me to publish this website that, with all my heart, I want to dedicate to all those particularly courageous women who have both struggled, suffered and wept in an attempt to have a child. But the purpose of the website is also to provide useful information to my colleagues and all those that deem it useful.

Finally, I wish to inform you that what appears in this website is in harmony with what is published in the international literature of scientific and alternative reproductive medicine, and that in no way I intend to conclude that our alternative approach to treat infertility is superior to the scientific one or vice versa. The two approaches are simply different and are not incompatible with each other and, if indicated, can even be used in combination. The evaluation is only yours. My duty, as a physician, is to provide you with these information that I personally think are necessary for your reflections, evaluations and eventual decisions.

Finally I want to apologize for the imperfection of my English which, as you have realized, it is not my mother tongue.

Artificial proceation

Aartificial procreation has been considered "the worst threat since the atomic bomb," probably because, no longer controlled by nature, but by man, allows for genetic manipulation and the control of the future human generations by the political and economic powers. But Already in 1964 J. Lee Richardson, president of the National Health Association, gave the following warning: "We believe that today's most terrible danger to man is not the atomic bomb, but the chemical bomb." Accordingly, artificial procreation, essentially based on the administration of synthetic chemical hormones, represents a threat, even greater than the atomic bomb. Are perhaps such evaluations too exaggerated ? We do not have valid studies to approve and to disapprove it.

Choice of physician by science and conscience

The choice of doctor is strictly personal: Success often depends on the relation that the couple is able to establish with the physician, rather than its technical and professional capacities, as indeed the clinical experience continues to demonstrate.
The importance of doctor-patient relationship is a scientific fact, but it is not always enough, as recommended and witnessed Jesus Christ. Jesus gives a lot of importance to the spiritual and physical qualities of those who want to set about healing. The healers should have therapeutic qualities and energies present only in those who can resist the temptations of "Indulgences", "Money" and "Power." Where these physical and spiritual qualities can not be intuited from the patient, only the doctor's conscience can help the functionally sterile couple to have a child. The success of the treatment increases if patients follow the same recommendations as the Bible. A doctor-patient relationship by science and conscience is a scientific fact!

A useful tip

Do not waste precious energy to the achievement of our material wellness and prestige, but rather use them to rediscover your "SELF" inside you. For this purpose the Bible suggests to "love your neighbour as yourself" while you're still on this earth! Avoid selfishness, racism, fanaticism, rigid mental attitudes, rage and violent reactions.