MS by Science and Conscience

“A little less science, gentlemen, and a little more art!”

Dear readers

At the present time, medical science considers multiple sclerosis (MS) as a chronic progressive, disabling auto-immune disease, characterized by multiple focal inflammatory and degenerative changes of the central and peripheral nerve systems, culminating in the development of the well known sclerotic plaques. According to Medical Science at the present time for MS:

There are no satisfactory scientific explanation

There are no specific scientific diagnostic procedures

There are no safe and effective treatments

MS plaques do not correlate with the onset, the severity and the progression of the disease.
All therapeutic scientific decisions, such as the administration of corticosteroids and other immune-suppressors, have shown to be non specific, ineffective and harmful. Their use is limited to the acute and relapsing phases. The efficacy of the more recent proposed treatment by means of stem cell transplantation needs to be still investigated and proven.
Despite the unsatisfactory diagnostic and therapeutic approach of MS, medical science continues to offer guidelines, which are only based on the evidence of the best available scientific international literature. Many medical scientific publications and prescription have shown to have conflicts of interests and political implications, which have influenced the objectivity and the truthfulness of the "best" available scientific international literature. Recently, for instance, it has been sufficient the prescription, for few years, of just one single scientifically recommended so-called anti-inflammatory drug (Vioxx) to cause the death of about 27.000 people because of severe ischemic disturbances , such as hearth and brain strokes.
Consequently, if we want to help our MS patient, we must abandon the actual ambiguous rigor of scientific medicine and make use of our personal experience and "transmit the knowledge one another so that hard gained benefits can apply to all mankind".
Conscious of this urge, it is my duty and my privilege to "serve" people by transmitting our knowledge on MS management, which has shown to be effective and safe.

This website is intended for either the MS patients and the physicians, who are "consciously willing" to the expand their knowledge in the management of MS. To both, I want to apologize, if the limitations of my English language has not allowed me to offer a better presentation and a sufficient understanding and clarification of such an important health care problem.