Medically assisted natural procreation

"We are not in this world for our pleasure, but for a different kind of necessity, absolutely inevitable"
— Paracelsus

Today, more and more couples must recur to artificial reproduction because more and more difficult has become to procreate naturally. Unfortunately, despite the rapid development of medical science,

in the artificial reproductive medicine still reigns confusion

There is no satisfactory scientific explanation

There are no scientifically valid diagnostic methods

There are still no safe and effective scientific treatments

The techniques are expensive and stressful

The statistics are discouraging and the risks unavoidable

An exchange of test tubes is possible

The risk of foetal and neo-natal abnormalities is increased

It is not enough to procreate!
We should also maintain and improve the health of the mother and have healthy children!

Better to try to restore the inborn ability to procreate children naturally. New scientific research shows that it is possible! The Eumedica Swiss Center of Lugano offers this opportunity through a strategy based on the revaluation of the infertility of the couple and the settlement of a more adequate and harmless diagnostic and therapeutic program.

The combination of our non invasive natural methods with those invasive of the artificial reproduction is possible. For this purpose, there is no incompatibility between the both and it could even be useful, especially in women over the age of 35.

Sperm and eggs, to be able to procreate, no matter whether in a natural or artificial way, must always be healthy and full of energy.

Above the age of 35 years we need to add energy to the years and a revitalizing anti-aging treatment is just what is necessary to procreate: It gives a higher state of health and protects against the side effects and physical and psychological stress of the invasive techniques of artificial reproduction. In addition, it allows to cure infertilizing diseases, such as endometriosis, polycystic ovary and various autoimmune disorders.

We procreate better if healthy and full of energy

Here is Greta one of the children born exclusively with our natural method of assisted reproduction after several vain attempts with the artificial method.

Carola born after a treatment with medically assisted NATURAL REPRODUCTION for fatherly idiopathic infertility (few sperm and not very active).

After several unsuccessful therapeutic attempts with medically assisted NATURAL REPRODUCTION for functional maternal infertility, Leonardo was born as the result of a further attempt of combined medically assisted reproduction, natural before and artificial after.

Currently the mother of Leonardo is again waiting for a child but this time without the intervention of any medical therapy.


The main purpose of Medically Assisted Natural Procreation (M.A.N.P.) at the Eumedica Swiss Center

The main purpose of our treatments for infertility is to establish and maintain a state of health and energy superior than the previous one in order to correct the shortcomings of the past and increase the likelihood of success of the present and the future. This is true, regardless of the selected type of reproduction, natural or artificial.

What does the Bible say about human Procreation?

The Bible says "For you (God) bring forth my kidneys, you kept me covered in my mother's womb. I will praise you because I'm made in a tremendously wonderful way. Marvelous are your works, as my soul knows very well, my bones were not hidden when I was made in secret, when I was woven into the lower parts of the earth. Your eyes saw even my embryo, and in thy book were written all the parts, about the days when they were formed, and between them there was still none". In other words, according to the Bible, it is the Light or Spirit of God within us that controls and follows His genetic program of Procreation, and it the same divine Light that decides pregnancy and controls every act of procreation according to His plan and to our merits.

"Intoxicated by the progress of science, we have forgotten about man's spirituality". --Albert Schweizer

The Ten Commandments are ancient, yet contain the best mental health code and the best collection of rules and laws for the ethical relationships between men.
For many sceptics, the Bible is not reliable because the reliability of its content has never been scientifically proved. To support such a claim reveals a profound ignorance, at least for the following reasons:
1.The Bible is the word of God and, as such, does not need to be scientifically proved, On the contrary, it is the reliability of science that must still be proved: In fact, if science had proven to be reliable, we should now all be healthy. Instead, in spite of the numerous and costly research and "progress" in science, as well as instead of the many doctors and pharmacists, the many hospitals and the private clinics. More and more diseases and medicines are invented ,and the iatrogenic complications increase every year.
2. The Bible is inaccessible to the "invented" socio-political and economic system, and planned research by the current science because the Bible has pioneered Science: Much of what is written in the Bible is already scientifically proved to be true.
3. The Bible has never been scientifically studied and therefore his credibility can not be disproved, until it is scientifically proven otherwise.

Immuno-protective deficiency and infertility

Thousands of women, despite being healthy and able to conceive, abort for failure to implant or to retain the embryo in the womb.
This pathogenetic mechanism appears to be autoimmune in nature, because of genetic incompatibility of the couple and/or because of an unconscious fear for all "unpleasant "changes and pains connected with pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood.
Under normal conditions the woman has an inborn protective mechanism that can counteract the immunological incompatibility between mother and the sperm of the partner and/or between mother and foetus. Under abnormal conditions, however, these mechanisms may fail , resulting in the formation of antibodies against the phospholipidic structures of the sperms and of the embryo.
The most known cause of abortions for non-implantation of the embryo in the uterus is the so-called "antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (A.A,S.)". This syndrome appears to be due in part to the lack of production of certain hormones and the onset of a placental vein thrombosis resulting in stasis and stagnation of acid waste products of cellular metabolism.
Protective immune deficiency are much more common than we think and should be prevented and treated appropriately.